Simple Long Form and connections to WordPress

par Laurence

Simple Long Form and connections to WordPress

Simple Long Form and connections to WordPress

The SLF plugin continues its road with a new version which gives the possibiity to deal better with the display of the longforms within the results of queries search and within the categories and tags pages.

**UPDATED 12-07-2017**

The latest update of SLF included the integration of Dublin Core metadata and an improved user interface for managing and replacing section images. Now, it was time to play with the integration (or not) of longforms inside queries, categories and tags pages. Untill now the longforms generated by the plugin were automatically integrated into those pages. By default, it is still the case but new options within the plugin’s settings allows you to uncheck the boxes to keep it independent of your installation.

Depending on the theme, the plugins installed and the plugin’s settings that you have chosen, it could be tricky to display the longforms on your homepage.

You can also add a specific loop based on the sample code here above to call your longforms on your homepage.

This is another way to do.

You can always decide to link (or not) the plugin with your whole WordPress installation. This option is to be activated via the plugin’s options.