Dynamic dataviz generated with R as an embed code

13 octobre 2019

Rframe: a WordPress plugin to embed the HTML generated with R.

How to embed within a post (or a page) a dynamic dataviz whose HTML code was generated with R? The “Rframe” plugin allows you to answer the question in the easiest way. This plugin is available in FR and in EN.

Update V0.2: shortcode and dynamic view added

Plugin installation

1)  Download the plugin on Github or  download the zip file

2) Add it to your WordPress’ plugins

3) Activate it, a new post type “Rframe” will appear in the menu


1) In R Studio, export the dataviz : Export / Save as web page


2) Open the HTML file in a code editor, select all (CTRL + A) and then copy (CTRL + C)

3) Create a new post “Rframe” in WordPress

4) Add a title

5) Save the post

6) Copy the shortcode

7) Create a new post and paste the shortcode

You can change the width of the rframe within the shortcode (by default, 100%). 

The example below is based on the the package Highcharter.


Here’s the original post type

Admin preview

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